who should be handling or managing IP-PBX does it come under IT

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Until last month our organization telephone systems(pir and analog) were with traditional pbx where  IT was not involved this was handled by administration department, now that IT team sold idea of IP-PBX and management approved the IP-PBX implementation where PRI and analog lines are terminated to the IP-PBX and systems team are actively involved in implementing this and systems team have access to enable OR disable the STD/ISD. can anybody suggest me does IP-PBX management comes under IT department or other department. As of now i have asked the admin department to let us know who wants what type of access upon their information we provide the required access like local calls/std/isd.  please suggest me does the IP-PBX should be handeled by IT.

Please suggest, thanks in advance.
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JRSCGIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In many of the organizations we have advised over the years, telecom was not under IT and we often recommended that it be moved to IT, including reassigning the staff that was involved with the telephone system and telephony circuits.  With converged networks and VoIP technology, it became a requirement to manage telephony within the same structure as the rest of IT communications, especially for troubleshooting and network management.   Access decisions and service options should be handled by telephony experts working within the IT department.
Mohammed HamadaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Where I work, IP-PBX and all communication related stuff is handled by IT department. Admin department only use this technology for admin related.
PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes,  even in the organizations where they are still using traditional Centrex or Copper based Key systems.  Telephony is under the IT / CIO .
Nagendra Pratap SinghConnect With a Mentor Desktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
It is under IT. It should be dealt by

Networking team
IP Telephony team
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