Import Andriod contact and SIM Contact to Exchange Outlook

There are many phones stored in my SIM and Andriod phone. Do I need to configure anything for these contacts (beside setting up a Exchange account) such that all these phone could be synchronzied to my Exchange Outlook contact.

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SanthanaConnect With a Mentor Technical LeadCommented:

We can sync our ExchangeAccount contacts back and forth between ExchangeServer and Phone.

By  default android devices will have the account called PHONE. So all the contacts created by the user will come under phone account.

If we insert the SIM card it will show the new account called SIM. All the SIM contacts will be stored under this account.
And any other external accounts (Like facebook,Twitter, Exchange...etc) will have their respective accounts and syn adapters. These account will have the ability to syn with their servers by using sync adapters.

1) AndroidDevice (ExchangeAccount) -> SyncAdapter  --> ExchangeServer
2)  AndroidDevice (ExchangeAccount) <- SyncAdapter  <-- ExchangeServer

But we can't syn/add Phone/sim contact with the ExchangeAccount contact. If we want to keep the SIM/Phone account in to yor Exchange server you can copy all the SIM/PHONE contacts into the Exchange account and it will be automatically synched with the ExchageServer.

AXISHKAuthor Commented:
FYI, I could synchronize my Outlook contact into my Andriod phone. However, those phones number in the mobile couldn't synchrnnize back to Exchange over the air.

Any idea ? Again, how to synchonize my phone number into Exchange server ?

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