Chrome - Confirm Form Resubmission

Is there a way of preventing the msg "Confirm Form Resubmission" from appearing when going back a page in Chrome?  Must be a setting somewhere to select yes as a default value, but I cannot find it?
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for security reasons, there is no such feature.

consider that you are from an eCommerce website and you are buying an item for 200$, and you hit refresh accidentally, if there is no confirmation dialog box , you will be paying for same item twice ...

this is a single example, and there is many many more.

if you could let me know why you are asking this question, maybe i or someone else could suggest  a workaround.

Good Luck !
u587162Author Commented:
Because I'm getting fed up going back a page on general web sites which I have not been a filling a form other than selecting drop down criteria selections and getting annoyed by those msgs which do not appear when I use Firefox.  Example is property search websites, after viewing one property, I want to go back to the list, and the msg appears.

me think its something to do with a cache setting or something.
unfortunately you could not for sure for reasons stated before.

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u587162Author Commented:
regardless, its happening on any page I go back to.  Thats not right.
it should be enabled for your safety, for that they don't provide an option to disable it.
accept this as a solution, you cannot disable this confirmation in chrome in any way.

u587162Author Commented:
You havent given any explanation as to why this is happening.  Do you get this message when you page back on the Experts Exchange site?  I guess not, so why should it be happening on a property portal?
Each site where data is posted from one page to another (i.e send login data, ...) if you try to return back to the previous page you will be asked to confirm submission.

Some websites could implement a workaround for this, so they redirect you to another page after form submission, so when you try to hit the back button:
 1- data could not directly re-submitted.
 2- as a result confirm form resubmission does not appear.

but as i said it's the site owner/developer who decide if he's going to implement this workaround or not. ( some sites implement it not only because its annoying but also some people may accidentally click on resubmit button).

If you try to return back to a page with posted data (site without any workaround), you cannot disable the form resubmission dialog from browser settings for your safety.

u587162Author Commented:
Then what about the fact that I didnt have this problem up until a week ago and using Firefox?
give us the website URL please.
u587162Author Commented:
Use the link I gave above and just rerun the filter.
"you didn't  have this problem until a week ago" , maybe site upgrade took place.

there is nothing unusual in the site and browser.

as i said before, Currently when posting data after selecting a different filter, if you try to return back,  a form resubmission should be alerted.

that's the normal behavior and i could not analyze what was happening before one week because i did not tested this website before.

what you are facing now is the normal behavior, and maybe a website upgrade occurred giving this modification.


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Mohan VenkatWriterCommented:
As other members have already mentioned that it's not safe to disable this feature, you really shouldn't.
for security reasons, there is no such feature.
consider that you are from an eCommerce website and you are buying an item for 200$, and you hit refresh accidentally, if there is no confirmation dialog box, you will be paying for the same item twice ...

But if anyone is still interested in this query and still seeking help to disable it then here's how to do it. Follow these steps below to disable the confirm resubmission feature from chrome if you're a windows user.
  1. Right click on your chorme shortcut, select properties
  2. In the target field, add: “-disable-prompt-on-repost” without the quotes after chrome.exe
  3. So for example, my target field looks like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -disable-prompt-on-repost
  4. Image Below
  5. Then exit the browser and open it again (using that new shortcut)

I have a really good guide on fixing this error: Confirm Form Resubmission
This is from the Method 3 in that article if it helps.
Disable Confirm Form Resubmission on chrome by using this following tag.

Message me or leave a Reply if you are stuck Happy to help.
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