Access 2010 fixed width specification file

I upgraded from Access 2003 to 2010 and have an issue with my specification file format for one of the DB's.  The format looks good but in 2010, the second column in the exported txt file gets shifted throwing all off all of the other roles.  The first stops on column 11 with the second field starting on column 12.  I even recreated the spec file in 2010 thinking the 2003 files was corrupted.   Currently, I have to run the file in Access 2003 just so I get the correct output format.
See attached image file showing the two outputs and the Spec File format.

Also, is there a way to edit the spec file outside of the DB?

Thank you…
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Seems Access 2010 can't cut field if it's length more then width of export field. Can you look at data in previous column? May be there are spaces or anything else?
You can write to file manually in VBA, checking real width of each field before writing to file or take only neserrary quantity of chars in query with left function.
rwarren99Author Commented:
So maybe a trim in columne one to 11 characters may work?  My VBA is limited..  
rwarren99Author Commented:
LTrim to 11 characters worked..  Don't know how I missed it but THANK YOU...
rwarren99Author Commented:
The LTRIM worked...  Don't know how I missed it but thank you.....
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