runtime error 6

I am running a new Dell 8500 workstation.  A program for building software give a run time error on this computer.   The manufacturer of the software has suggested installing SP2 for Visual studio 97.

The program runs on all other Windows 7 Professional computers?

Dell has not been forthcoming with a solution

Is there another solution?

If not where would one find this software.  I have not been successful on finding this.

Will visual Studio 97 run on windows 7 professional?
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wilf_thorburn--I am afraid I cannot offer much more.  You now say neither Visual Studio nor SQL are necessarily involved.  And we do not know the program for building software .  All we know is that you have a runtime error 6.
I find several references to that.
One is

Two others are

But except that the latter two may have helpful information, I do not trust the software they offer, so would not recommend you install it.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Visual Studio 97 is long gone, and if it runs at all on Windows 7, that is probably luck.

Try matching .NET Framework to the old program. .NET Framework 1 does not work on Windows 7 (at least not on my machines) but .NET 2, 3 3.5 and 4 all run. Perhaps uninstall .NET Framework 4 to see if that helps.

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wilf_thorburn--You should install SP3 for Visual Studio.
There is a chance VS1997 SP3 will work with Win 7 32 bit.
If not you can also try Compatibility Mode with VS 1997.
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try to install virtual box and install xp or pre version of xp.then you try 7 not support for visual studio older versions
WilfAuthor Commented:
What version of visual studio should I be running to install SP3
wilf_thorburn--I understand you are running Visual Studio 1997.  Here is the way to get SP3 for it

Remember you have had two experts counsel that Visual Studio 1997 will not run properly on Win 7.  There is only an outside chance to use Compatibility Mode.  But $7.50 is not much of a risk.

Depending how important this issue is to you, the best bet is to buy a new version of Visual Studio.  Cheaper would be to subscribe to MSDN or Technet which give you access to a free download.
WilfAuthor Commented:
Perhpas I have misled the question by indicating that a possible solution is to get the service pack.  Visual Studio is not required for the programs on this computer.  The manufacturer of the program suggested the SP would be a solution.

There are two programs that are necessary for the client.  Both are data base programs, and one uses Microsoft SQL.  That program seems to run fine.  The one giving the runtime error 6 does not need SQL.

Has anyone ran into a runtime error 6 that has been rectified?
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