which router to choose ?

in todays market.....
with price not an issue....
should i buy a dual band or single band...

i am interested in being able to extend out of my home   200  125 ft  radius

seems my net gear gets week signal comming through my walls.. is anyone easier then the next to add a wap.. i do have cat 5  through my home.

i own  a WNDR3700  Netgear

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If you have ethernet run already, you can mount more routers where you need signal and convert them to access points by connecting to their LAN ports, disabling their DHCP servers and ensuring the IP addresses on their LAN interfaces don't conflict with others on the network, reducing the default scope on your current DHCP server if necessary (typically you wouldn't need a scope larger than 25 IPs at home).
The 'DHCP scope' is defined by the 'Starting IP address' and 'Ending IP address' in the DHCP server's settings. So if the current scope starts at 2 and ends at 254, you could make the scope smaller by reducing the 'ending IP address' to 200, and put your access points, say, between 240 and 250.

Doing that is preferrable to going for maximum power, which may have unintended consequences.

If you need the extra ethernet port, on some routers you can connect to the WAN port and disable NAT in advanced settings (most of the newer Linksys models offer that option), which means you would have 4 ethernet ports instead of only 3... e.g. if you set one on your media stand and needed ethernet ports for the TV, AVR, BD player and DVR (et cetera).

All of these should be suitable for adding coverage indoors.
Netgear WNDR3800
Linksys E4200
Linksys EA4500

And outdoors
Hawking HOW2R1

Sometimes it would be enough to mount a patch antenna such as this
L-Com RE09P-RTP (2.4GHz only)
indoors, say, in the corner of a window, if you really need just 11g/n coverage on only 1 side of the house and not dual-band omni radius as implied. Note that has an RP-SMA plug on it... they are also available with RP-TNC plugs, or the industry standard N-female.
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