Howto Publish a Custom form in the Standard Form Library

I've been dealing a while with this inconvenient and i don't know how to handle it.
I have a custom form that the people of my organization made and i want to publish it in the Standard Form Library but i don't know how to give permissions to anyone to publish in that Library.
When i'm in Oulook and i want to use a form, the procedure is the typical:
Click the New Items option in the New group (on the Home tab), "More Elements" and "Choose Form". Then, in the Choose Form dialog box i see the Standard Form Library available to select a template/form to open

The problem is when i need to publish something in that Library. I have already my custom form (.oft file) ready to be published but when i try to publish with the option "Publish as" in the Developer tab i see the "Publish as" dialog box but is not available the Standard Form Library, it's like hidden. It doesn't give the option to publish in that Library, i just see the Personal Forms Library and some other ones available. I assume that is a permission issue, but where?? How do i give permissions to someone to publish in that Library?

I tried creating a new Public Folder in the Public Folder Management Console in my Exchange, and there is no problem with that. It appears available for the users but the requirement is to publish in the Standard Form Library!!

According to this KB article "Forms that are published to this library are accessible to everyone in the organization as long as they are given permissions to the library by the administrator" but it doesn't say how to give that permissions?!:

*Relating to this KB, is the Standard form Library the same as Organizational Forms Library??

We have Outlook 2010/Exchange 2010 deployed in our Organization

Thanks a lot 4 your help
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Assuming this is a permissions issue I would suggest using ExFolders to modify them.  It has a very intuitive interface and makes life much easier when managing permissions in Exchange.

I hope that helps,
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
not sure about the "Standard forms" but we use the Organizational Forms

the way i do it, as publisher & exchange admin....

1. test the form on my pc. using the form name I want ultimately.  by doing so it is in the Personal Forms library,  And gets used in preference to any Org Form of the same name so I can test updates.

2. when happy with form.
2.1 Menu,,,,, Tools / Options
2.2  Other tab, Select Advanced Options button
2.3  Custom forms,,, button
2.4  Manage Forms
2.5  then copy the form from Personal Forms library to Organizational Forms (set left pane as needed)

long winded but works.  Not exactly sure what permissions are needed to managed the OrgForms library.
apereirapyAuthor Commented:
We have Outlook 2010/Exchange 2010.
None of this steps are available in Outlook 2010. I even try to copy any form from my Personal Forms Library so i could paste it in the Standard form Library but those options are not available (copy/paste)
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
Unfortunately I dont have OL2010 to assist much further... some ideas.from google...
1/ have you enabled the "developer" tab ?

2/ shows how to set permissions.

Someone else had a similar issue ... Figured out, in case anyone else runs into the problem, had to do it in Outlook 2003.
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