Create denied access in Network Policy Server

Ok,,here is what i have...try to explain the best i can....

Have Network Policy Server running on Server 2008 R2...this is so users can vpn into network to work...i believe one network policy is to allow all users access...but i want to create another network policy rule that will deny access to a group...went in and created this but there is a red x beside this but anyways policy is not working any reason why and how can i accomplish this....
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
MS site has info on that and how the NPS rule policy get fired. Actually the most restrictive should be the first rule to fire instead.

But I am thinking if the below is relevant for your case
westhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Will look at when get chance...
westhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
thanks...bottom article fixed this
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