Multiple raid card in the same computer

I have a raid card 9260-4i and 9265-8i, I conected both in the same motherboard ( Asus maximum extreme iv) but i can only see one in boot up(9260-4i), also when I boot up the webios for the control card I only see onE card the 9260-4i, but if install the card one at time they both work ok , my question can I install multiple lsi raid card or they have to be the same model?
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Flashing the BIOS  is not a bad thing for the LSI boards.
Make sure the MOBO BIOS is up to date too.

If all else fails,you may need to go into the BIOS on the MOBO and set the IRQ'S manually so that they are unique and not shared by one another for the RAID .

That is still a consumer grade desktop MOBO and may have it's quirks.

I got some Intel's that act the same way with mixing PCI cards depending upon slot positions.
Most likely the LSI firmware and/or drivers are not current in both cards.   They CAN and will work together.   Go to the support site and update both to current.
doug12Author Commented:
Thank you for you respond, but are you referring to update the last firmware in both card, I went to lsi and there is  a new firmware for each card, how ever the version number are different since the are different model, my concern is even they are from same brand could be that they are different model?, when I boot the computer only one get detected, but like I said if try one at time than they  get detected.
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Do you have any RAID configurations on the motherboard?  Some people have had problems with that.
doug12Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No body answer
I object, several responses were offered, and the author never bothered to provide follow-up information.
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