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How to get Outlook 2003 working with att.net email address?

In the past, the customer used Comcast for email and internet, but had to switch to AT&T.  When I got to their office, they already had their DSL modem connected, and the installer had set up a new AT&T email account for them--which they don't like and don't want to use.  First I set up their old Comcast email account so they could use it while it's still live for a few more days, and that worked fine.  Next I talked with AT&T tech support, to get that account name changed--the one the installer had set up.  They said they could not do so, but they showed me how to log in at att.com and set up a "sub account", i.e. a new email address more to the customer's liking.

So I set up the sub account, and was able to log into it at att.net.  Next I went to set it up in Outlook 2003; eventually I had to ignore what the rep was telling me, and only then did I get it working.  I used the full email address, inbound.att.net and outbound.att.net, authenticate, and 995 and 465 with SSL.  That all worked great for 24 hours.

Then today they asked me to delete their Comcast email account from Outlook, which I did.  But now their new 'sub account' email address will not work.  It's hard for me to imagine it has anything to do with deleting the Comcast account--but of course the customer thinks I messed it up.  It constantly comes up asking for the password on the att.net account.  I have set and reset virtually every option in Outlook, but no luck.  I went to att.net, and there I can log in just fine into the new sub account email address.  I called AT&T tech support, and got a whole new list of setup steps (different from yesterday), but none work--and they say the don't support Outlook, so I'm on my own!

Next I added their 'main address' to Outlook--the one the installer set up--and it works great.  To make it work (no thanks to tech support), I set the ports to the default values of 110 and 25 with no SSL.

So, of course my next attempt at getting the new 'sub account' working was to set it up the same way as the main account, including setting the ports to default.  But it still gives me password errors when I test the account, and they constantly pop up on the screen in Outlook--like it does when you really do have a bad password.

I hope someone has some ideas and suggestions--because AT&T sure doesn't.  TIA
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You seem to have a handle on the Port and authentication of ports you need in the Advanced Settings tab. (995 and 465 both with SSL are common).

The other thing that can cause difficulties is authentication in the Outgoing Server tab. Make sure if you need authentication with ATT and that you have the ATT account (not Comcast).

.... Thinkpads_User
I beleive this specific issue is doucmented on SlipSticks Outlook Site

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