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Finding odd digits in a number in JAVA

Hello guys!

I'm trying to write a recursive method that computes the number of digits in a number with JAVA code. I need some help on how to start or how to write it..... I know basic java but Im lost on how to make this happen....
3 Solutions
Here's the math part:
n = 12345
n/10 = 1234 (integer truncation)
(n/10)*10 = 12340
n - 12340 = 12345 - 12340 = 5, odd because 5 mod 2 == 1

Now call the recursive method again with 1234 and keep count of number of odd digits.
hugonietoAuthor Commented:
Thanks phoffric!

I will try it.... I know how to do this with a for loop or any other loop but with a recursive method..... I'm little lost! But thank you for the help! I will try to write your suggestion.
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In JAVA integer division removes the last digit and n%10 (ie n mod10) gives you the last digit.
Also n%2 =0 if n =even,  n%2=1 if n is odd.

So recursively the function numOddDigits(n) mathematially  is given by

if n/10 = 0
   numOddDigits(n)  = n%2   //ie n is a single digit
   numOddDigits(n)  =    numOddDigits(n/10)  + (n%10)%2

Now you have to code that mathematical definition up as a recursive Java function

I have given you a start.
I tried to help with the algorithm. May I suggest that once you understand the algorithm that you write up what you can (even if not recursive), and post the problem code in the Java zone. That is a good place to get specific coding advice.
sorry it is c (untested!) but treat it as pseudo code.

int odd_digits(int x)

    int next;
    int odd;
    next = x / 10;

    //mod operation, as suggested by previous posts
    odd = (x - next * 10) % 2;

    if (next == 0)
         return odd;
         //Recursive function call, add the odds we counted here (0 or 1) to the count for the rest of the string
         return odd + odd_digits(next);
hugonietoAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much guys! I tried it with all of your sugestions and it worked!
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