Google Docs - Display documents but not open them

I have a client with Google Apps for business who wishes to use the google docs section to share documents with certain of his clients. All this is easy to do in Google Docs. However the shared link provides the document open for viewing to the client with no obvious button to click to save. I require instead that the client see the document or documents in file manager style, with option to save. How can this be done please?
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Allen FalconConnect With a Mentor CEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
There are two ways to do this:

1) Share a folder instead of the documents itself.  If you share a folder, the recipient will open the folder and see the file list.  Note that once you open a document in Google Docs, saves are automatic, you don't need a Save button.

2) Create a secure portal for each customer using Google Sites.  The File Manager template has more of the look and feel you may want.  You can upload legacy (MS Office) documents or list links to Google Docs on the page.
paddygreenhoodAuthor Commented:
Excellent, the idea of setting up on sites and using the file manager is exactly what i needed. great stuff! Thanks!
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