The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

Hi Experts,
Few days ago I compledted a bug fix and created a deployment file in Release mode and deployed it.  Now I have to make further changes to the same project as more changes needed.  I changed the Mode to Debug and started debuging it.  But now it is not waiting on the break points.  I still can see my break point with a question mark in side the dot and when move the cursor on, I see the message "The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.".  Please let me know if you have any idea.  FYI, I am using VS2003 and there is no other changes I did.  Thank you in advance.
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Obadiah ChristopherCommented:
An iisreset should have helped
Easwaran ParamasivamCommented:
Ensure that the DLL is created with corresponding PDB file is created in the respective bin folder. If not try to rebuild the solution and try to debug.

Make sure that in your config file <compilation debug=true> is set.

Try to open the VS in Administrator mode. Program>..> VisualStudo.NET > Right Click > Choose option 'Run as administrator'.

If above ways fail then please follow the below link. to get an idea.

I hope this helps.
Sometimes I have a similar problem.
The best way I believe is to rebuild the program.
Try from the VS menu:
 - Build --> Clean Solution
 - Build --> Build 'YourProject'

If this does not help - try the above approach.
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RadhaKrishnaKiJayaAuthor Commented:
EaswaranP and anarki_jimbel,
Thank you for your response.  I have already tried to build and rebuild the solution and project saveral times.  In the web.config file, the debug="true".  I don't see Run As Administer option under Program-->.  I see Program-->Microsoft Visual .NET Studio 2003. Also I don't see Clean Solution under Build.  Am I missing something?  FYI, I have VS2003.  I am yet to try the link you have provided and update here.  Thank you again.
RadhaKrishnaKiJayaAuthor Commented:
Hi EaswaranP,
The link you provided is ment for VS 2008.  I am using VS 2003.  I don't see the changes it is asking for.  For example Turn OFF the "Enable Just My Code" setting" and Turn ON the "Enable Source Server Support" setting are not there at all.  But this document is very nice and will be useful.  Please let me know if you get any other ideas.  Thank you for your help.
Hmmm, I don't know, for 2003 it may be a bit different. Really, Rebuild should do cleaning of the solution... All I can suggest is to remove all files from a build directory manually and then build the solution again. And then try reset break points one by one. No idea, really, what's going on...
Naman GoelSoftware engineer 1Commented:
Please make sure you select Debug from solution configuration dropdownlist in menu bar.

If the debugger doesn’t load the .pdb file, the Breakpiont cannot be hit. So please make sure that the symbols are loaded by the debugger. We can check if the debugger loads this pdb file by the following steps (Debug->Windows->Modules), and then select your dll module to see if the pdb file is loaded. If the pdb file is not loaded, we can load it manually (Right click the dll model->Select Load Symbols).

You can get more information about debugging by referring to (Section: Breakpoints and other Execution Control).
RadhaKrishnaKiJayaAuthor Commented:
Hi naman_goel and srosebabu,
Thank you for your help.  I was able to finish the project without debuging.  Sorry for being late as I was diverted to different project and I will be back soon to this.  Thank you.
RadhaKrishnaKiJayaAuthor Commented:
I could not get back to my project because of time limit.  However I accept the solution of all the experts and closing this questions.
RadhaKrishnaKiJayaAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.
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