thunderbird and android

create filters and folders in thunderbird windows desktop

will these changes be effective
if I use android cell phone

I am not using gmail or yahoomail or hotmail
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DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you asking if you create filters and folders in your Thurderbird desktop app for your email will it show and work on android?

What email account are you using?

What email program on Android are you using?

If you set up folders at the server level using say IMAP then Android mail client should use those, but if they are local folders then no they will not show up as it is only on your desktop PC.

Filters are the same way are they server based (IE like a rule set up in gmail to move mail to a folder) or local to Thunderbird that only when Thunderbird is open will it apply the filters and rules.

So the big question is are your rules and folders local or server based.
rgb192Author Commented:
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