bash script conditional statement behaving differently when run under cron

Posted on 2012-09-03
Last Modified: 2012-09-09
On Ubuntu 10.04.  This certain piece of code:

if [ $(date +%w) = 0 ]; then
   #  code to run if it's a Sunday
  #  code to run to do regular stuff on other days

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works great when the script is run from command line, but never seems to run the "Sunday code" when triggered via cron - it always runs the "regular" code.  I've tried many different things, such as putting the full path for the `date` command, as well as trying other options such as %u (7 for Sunday) and storing the output of `date +%w` to a variable first.  Any idea what's going on?  Thanks!
Question by:johanntagle
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    Assisted Solution

    try to set the shell to use for running the code plus let run in logging mode and redirect output to a file and look at the output

    for example add line like one below to your script

    #!/usr/bin/ksh -x
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    Expert Comment

    by:Gerwin Jansen
    When running from cron I'd use cron's feature to run on Sundays, like this:
    00 08 * * 0 /full/path/to/your/script

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    The single 0 above means to run on Sunday, * * means on every day and 00 08 means at eight in the morning.

    When running a script from cron, be sure to set required paths and variables in the script itself as cron has no knowlegde of them by itself.

    Create/edit the crontab entry using crontab -e and add #!/bin/bash as a first line in your script.
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    Author Comment

    That was just a snippet of the part that was troubling me.  I do have "#!/bin/bash" at top of my script.  I'm not sure what would be the counterpart of ksh -x in bash?

    While I do have the option of running a separate script for Sundays, I would really like to know why this isn't working.  As I said, I already tried putting the full paths to the commands I ran.
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    Accepted Solution

    Do you have the date command only in your script or also in crontab?

    If it's in crontab then please note that the percent (%) signs have a special meaning there (start of stdin).

    So inside a crontab it's mandatory escaping them using a backslash:

    if [ $(date "+\%w") -eq 0 ]; then

    If it's not in crontab - some remarks:

    - I'd always use "-eq" for numerical comparisons instead of "=" (see above).
    - I'd put double quotes around the format string: "+%w" (see above).
    - Could it be that "/bin/bash" is not the same shell as the one you're using from command line?
    I'm aware that any bash should well understand $(...), but you could try the backtick notation ` ... ` instead, just to be sure:

    if [ `date "+%w"` -eq 0 ]; then

    Btw. bash accepts "-xv" just the same way ksh does.
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    Expert Comment

    As you are running from cron it might not know where `date` is so you can specify it as the full path, if date is in /usr/bin for example try  $(/usr/bin/date +%w)
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    Author Closing Comment

    Ended up with this (both options work):


    dow=`/bin/date +%w`
    echo $dow
    if [ $dow = "1" ]; then
      echo "dow works"
       echo "dow doesnt work"

    if [ `/bin/date "+%w"` = "1" ]; then
      echo "`date \"+%w\"` -eq 0 works"
      echo "`date \"+%w\"` -eq 0 doesnt work"

    I swear I tried those before..... maybe too much caffeine is getting to me.  Anyway thanks

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