gSOAP g++ building error

Posted on 2012-09-04
Last Modified: 2012-09-20
I have gsoap installed, I am trying to to build one of the exmaples:

I do the following which builds a pure c version and this works fine:

g++  -c soapC.cpp

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But when I try to build the c++ version like so:

g++ soapC.cpp
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x7645): undefined reference to `soap_element_begin_in'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x7670): undefined reference to `soap_malloc'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x76c0): undefined reference to `soap_revert'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x76ce): undefined reference to `soap_malloc'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x7752): undefined reference to `soap_id_lookup'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x7773): undefined reference to `soap_element_end_in'
/tmp/ccMtcp0m.o: In function `soap_in_SOAP_ENV__Detail(soap*, char const*, SOAP_ENV__Detail*, char const*)':
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x77e5): undefined reference to `soap_element_begin_in'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x783e): undefined reference to `soap_id_enter'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x7926): undefined reference to `soap_inliteral'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x799d): undefined reference to `soap_element_end_in'
soapC.cpp:(.text+0x79fd): undefined reference to `soap_id_forward'

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How do I solve this???
I think I need to include a header file or library in my g++ path somehow.
Question by:Wanting2LearnMan

    Author Comment

    I have tried the following:

    g++ soapC.cpp -I /home/gsoap-2.8/gsoap/ -l libgsoap++.a

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    home/gsoap-2.8/gsoap includes header files and libgsoap++.s is a link as follows:
    libgsoap++.a -> /usr/local/lib/libgsoap++.a

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    But I now get the error:

    /usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.3/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -llibgsoap++.a
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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    Any ideas??
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    Accepted Solution

    Is there any shared object?

    /sbin/ldconfig -p | grep -i soap

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    Also, did you make any change in your includes or anything?

    Do you still have

    Another problem is in:
    -l libgsoap++.a

    You need to drop lib

    So it should be
    -l gsoap++.a

    But I would normally look for shared objects .so instead of .a
    I will have to look for .a, I forgot but if it was, I would do

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    Expert Comment

    please try:

     g++ soapC.cpp -I /home/gsoap-2.8/gsoap/ -l gsoap++

    or use a full path like  /path/to/libgsoap++.a
    (also see farzanj's comments on .a vs .so; better you make a decision if want to compile *and* link staticaly or with dynamic shared objects
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    Expert Comment

    by:Duncan Roe
    Since g++  -c soapC.cpp worked, there is no need to add -I /home/gsoap-2.8/gsoap/. You are done with the source and you now have the object file soapC.o.
    Your problem is to link soapC.o with the necessary libraries to make an executable program.
    Some systems don't by default look for libraries in /usr/local /lib, so here's what I would try
    g++  -c soapC.cpp
    g++ soapC.o -L/usr/local/lib -lgsoap++ -o soapC

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    Notice for the library you miss out the leading lib and the trailing .a. The above command will link to the shared library if it can find it, otherwise it will link to libgsoap++.a. Either way, the built program will be called soapC.
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    Expert Comment

        duncan_roe has already given pointers on this .. i tried to write a make file to build this..

    1) make sure you have copied the .a lib in the usr/local/lib directory (For another library i got the same problem but after manually copied the .so files it was worked fine)
    2) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH (if you have the gSoap lib on other dir not in gcc library search path)

    Here is the example Makefile to compile the stuff

    # Makefile (EE QID:27852210)
    # Target Name
    TARGET = soapC
    # Compiler options
    CC     = g++
    CFLAGS = -c
    LFLAGS = -o
    # Library Directories
    # modify this path as per requirement
    SOAP_LIB_PATH = -I/usr/local/soap_libs
    # Include Directories
    #modify this path for your requirement
    SOAP_INC_PATH = -I/usr/local/soap_inc
    # Static/Shared libraries
    GSOAP_LIBS = -lgsoap++
    # Source files
    SRCS = test.c#soapC.cpp
    # Compilation and Build
            @echo "Compiling " $(SRCS)
            @#@$(CC) $(LFLAGS) test $(SRCS)
            @echo "Build successful"

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    Use the following command to run the Makefile
    linux$make build
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    Expert Comment

    by:Duncan Roe
    Rather than exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH you might prefer to add /usr/local/lib or whatever to /etc/ That's what I do
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    Expert Comment

    ---->Rather than exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH you might prefer to add /usr/local/lib or whatever to /etc/ That's what I do
          Better need to configure again the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you restart..

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