IIS and Tomcat, running app on Tomcat's server, two machines

Hi, I need help with this.

I have a:

Server A - Running IIS
Server B - Running Tomcat, MySQL, and my java app, which is located here too.

They're both connected in a LAN.

Right now I can access my app easily like:

Is it possible to access it trhough Server A, without using the 8080 port?

Server A has the access to internet, security certificate etc. and there's no room for installing my app there.

Server B is newer, my app runs perfectly there, but it doesn't have internet access.

I was asked to do this so the people outside the LAN, could use the app (through internet).

Is this posible??

I've seen a lot of documents regarding IIS & Tomcat on different servers, however their purpose is only to spread the load among different machines, which in my case that would be useful if I had my app running on Server A, and the only thing I needed was to run tomcat's proceses using a different machine.

However, if I made my self clear so far, you can tell is not my case since the whole app is stored and running in Server B.

Is there a way to acomplish this???

Right now, I followed all the steps in the IIS - Tomcat howto document, and modified the workers.properties & uriworkermap.properties to:





but, now success at all. If I try to access it using a web browser like this:

/localhost/myApp (doing this from Server A, where IIS is running)

I'm just prompted to download a file, even if the file doesn't exists.

Before I continue this research, I'd like to know if it's possible to accomplish this.

Any ideas will be more than welcome, best regards.
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Actually it's pretty easy,
I assume you have a router?

You need to activate portforwarding on the router to the ip adress of Server B.

For example forward port 8080 to server B on port 8080, that way users who use your WAN ip only need to use the public IP:8080 and they will access your app.

We use the same method in our company!
Pramod KumarCommented:
There is another way:

1. Deploy an application in iis and write a line in default page to redirect to Server-B application url (server.transfer)

2. or, if install Apache server on server-a, then it can also forward the request to another server after a small configuration.
sergiomnAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot!! To be honest, I haven't tried  it yet, since my client changed his mind, so now "Server B" will have access to the internet, so all I need to do is setup iis & tomcat on the same machine.
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