View a 3D .dwg file in a web page

I have a project where my client wants to show a 3d version of their building (3d .dwg file) in  a web page and for the user to be able to move the building around and click on areas of it to see a video of what is in that area ... ie I need to be able to add links to the .dwg file and this would open up colorbox in which I would run the video or show images etc.

Any thoughts on how I should present this and program it. HTML5 would be good as I don;t want to use FLASH as this will be used on iPhones and iPads extensively.
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Dushan De SilvaConnect With a Mentor Technology ArchitectCommented:
Yes.. You may export (render) as swf file and publish on the web.
You may be able to use an autoCAD viewer and activeX to view it in IE, but the file format is not compatible with anything a browser AFAIK.

Neither HTML5 video nor canvas support the file format, so you would need to convert, and lash is probably the only way you will get something usable.

With the kind of detail a dwg must carry the file would probably bloat a web page to the point where it would be unusable.

LarideAuthor Commented:
Thanks, much appreciated.
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