CA Wildcard certificate on exchangeserver export to Remote Desktop Server problem

I need to install a wildcard certificate on a Remote Desktop Host, for the purpose of clearing warnings on the connecting clients.
when connecting to the server. Its installed on our mail-server, so I thought I could just export it, but I can't import it/install it.

I thought that was the whole point of a wildcard certificate - not having to request a new certificate within the same domain/DNS-name.
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Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
You should be able to export it and import it on the terminal server using certificates snap in on each server.  Where are you running into trouble specifically?

Step by step:
jmateknikAuthor Commented:
Oh dear...

You have to be logged on to the server to export FROM to get be able to export the key with the certificate. I worked from an mmc\certificate on the server I wanted to export it TO.

Thanks for helping though..
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