Failing to Install FOG 0.32 on Ubuntu 12.04

I have been using FOG to deploy systems for about two years now. I have one FOG server fully and reliably functioning in our main office. A second FOG server, from our branch office, recently began behaving unreliably. Rather than troubleshoot multiple intermittent problems, I decided to simply reinstall Ubuntu and FOG. The hadware on the server has all been tested with QuickTech pro.
  Here is the problem:
Ubuntu installs successfully every time.
I successfully run the "cd /opt/fog_0.32/bin" command.
When I try to run the "sudo ./ /opt/fog_0.32/bin" to run the installer, I am prompted for the password. I type it in and receive the error "command not found".
I am returned to a command prompt.
From that point forward any command I use in the terminal results in "command not found" or"permission denied". This includes cd.

I have tried a clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 (which is what we run on the reliable server in the main office) . The results are the same.
I have done scores of successful FOG installs on Ubuntu without ever running into anything like this. I am at wit's end.  Please advise.
Thank You.
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csialbanyAuthor Commented:
I found that what I needed to do was download a new copy of the installer and unpack it to a location other than /opt....

I still have no idea why I had to do that on this machine and never before on another, but this particular part of the problem is solved.
It could be your installer is not able to find commands on a certain path? Is your FOG environment variables set? I haven't used FOG but the errors are more likely to be with your Environment variables.
csialbanyAuthor Commented:
I was able to solve this aspect of the problem on my own after all.
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