LDAP syntax name of an OU on my DC

I need to know the exact syntax of the ldap name for a particular OU on my server.

I am using FOG to deploy images to many PCs. After an image deployment, FOG will then obtain domain membership for each PC and place them into the default OU called computers.  But I have the option to type in the OU of my choice, but I don't know the ldap syntax.  

How can I easily and quickly find this without experimentation?

Is there a free program that will show the full ldap names?

Our domain which is internal is "moe.moe"
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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ad explorer is probably the easiest tool I have found for this. It lets you browse your AD environment and will display the distyinguished name of any object in the right hand pane.

kyodaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I dont think theres a tool for that.
Joseph DalyCommented:
Another option to get this information pretty easily is ADSI edit. But this is a little bit more advanced. If you are not too familiar with AD I would suggest adexplorer.

Alistair7Author Commented:
Brilliant!  thanks a lot.  Just what's needed.
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