Exchange 2010 is sending legitimate gmail/yahoo emails and others to junk email box.

Our exchange 2010 on SBS server 2011 is sending some of our client gmail/yahoo emails to the junk mail box. It is some how randomly selected some of the gmail, yahoo emails and send them to the junk mail box. Most of them are gmail with maybe 25% being yahoo emails. There are also some rcn emails. Please help!
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You can definitely set up whitelists on your Exchange 2010 Server to keep specific email addresses out of the SPAM folder.  Information on how to configure that is here:

The junk mail is not a feature of exchange but of outlook, not much you can do about that (besides the oligatory "Junk-mail" --> "Add sender domain to safe senders"). You can try checking the SCL score in exchange, but in 99% of all cases this is a problem of outlook junk mail handling (Which can only be turned off, not really controlled in any way).
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