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Dear Experts:

We are into real estate and property development business,  for us website and SEO plays very much important role , we had outsourced Search engine optimization to the same vendor of web service provider so far going some what okay now that contract period is nearly come to end hence this vendor have come out with huge proposal in Indian Rupees 5.5 lakhs per month for SEO and social media work. We decided to move to other service provider for SEO and social media marketing. Now that new service provider for SEO says it takes 04 to 05 months to get SEO good rankings.

My doubt :

1.If vendor 1 have worked for more than a year and bought the traffic towards our website now when we move to another vendor i mean vendor2 why should we have to start SEO from the scratch what happens to the past one year efforts for which we kept paying heavily. for the website we take the regular backup of the web contents/source code is something like this we can do for the SEO so that when we move to different SEO vendor we can continue from the same stage instead of again starting from the scratch.

3.Can anybody suggest terms and conditions for the SEO contract do we have to ask them something source code or some other data so that if we move to the different service provider  what ever till date SEO work still remains the same and the new SEO vendor can continue from there on.

Please suggest on the above doubts and recommend the best practice to follow.

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Tony McCreathConnect With a Mentor Technical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Most SEO work should survive a change in vendor. Unless they actively remove what they have done!

Your new vendor is probably giving you their standard spiel about how work may take time to come to fruition.

Are you also changing hosting?
Your current web service provider should provide you with account details for your domain which is important to keep using.

If you have to change content management system then your new provider will have to do some extra work to transfer all the data over and set up redirects so that users find the new pages and your ranking does not do a nose dive.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, Thank you very much. I was eagerly waiting for some to reply. thanks once again.

1. we have been provided domain control panel and hosting details

2. can we sign a contract with new SEO vendor asking if we we want to change to another SEO serivce provider in future many be after the contract period then they have provide what they have done for for us so far  may be some configuration for till date SEO efforts,  in such case we can provide to new SEO vendor and they can added this hence still our SEO rankings remains same even though the old  SEO service provider removes.

please suggest. Thanks.
Tony McCreathConnect With a Mentor Technical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I can't advise on that. I personally help my clients with that sort of thing if they move on so don't have any experience in how clients need to protect themselves.

Maybe your best defence is to make sure they provide reports on all the work they do. Then you can see if they are doing stuff that will stick and help you long term.
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