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Hi Experts,

We are looking to install a new 48 port patch panel that is compatible with Cat 6 but it seems the prices seem to range so much between products...


Ive seen others for 600 +

We currently have a couple Tripp Lites and seem to work fine... anything else I need to know?

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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Just to let you know, the ones we had an issue with were the grounded ones from Cylix. We also use Leviton's and once we switched the connections from the Cylix to them the PoE worked fine.
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
One thing to keep in mind is if you need PoE.  Some patch panels don't support it.  We ran into that.
meshoxfordAuthor Commented:
ahhhh... yes we need PoE... I did not realize the patch panel needed to support that... just the switch.

Thanks pony
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