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Can someone tell me if a document is written in Arabic would the PDF reader automatically present it correctly on screen (ie right to left, with spine on the right).

How clever is Adobe with things like charts where the right and left axis also need to be flipped?

Finally we have tried several PDF editors including Nitro and Infix.  We currently prefer Infix for its editing and reflowing capabilities, but wondered if there are any better solutions that someone might recommend (other than Acrobat which is really expensive and a complete pain to use).

Many thanks

Many thanks
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Chris,

My two favorite PDF reader/viewers are Foxit's Foxit Reader and Tracker's PDF-XChange Viewer:

Both companies offer a free reader/viewer, but in order to get editing capabilities (other than annotations/markups), you must get one of their paid versions, which are more reasonably priced than Acrobat (and also have a free trial, so you may give them a spin).

For pure editing of PDF files, I prefer object-based editing, and have had great success for many years with CAD-KAS's PDF Editor Objects:

Although it is not object-based, I will sometimes edit PDF files with Nuance's PDF Converter Professional from Nuance:

The caveat on all four of these products is that I don't know how well they handle Arabic. Regards, Joe
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