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Our company's main document database (SQL and Access) is housed in Ohio, however, we have associates in California that need read-only access to these documents.  Can anyone provide a cost effective, best-practices solution for sharing these documents?  It must be very secure as these documents are information-sensitive.  Solutons such as DropBox, Sky Drive and Google Drive are not options due to the sensitivity of the information being shared, the security just isn't trustworthy.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Firewall with SSL VPN , Citrix ssl tunneling m, even VPN on windows
scottishlass78Author Commented:
I suppose I should add that we don't want to move, copy or upload these files anywhere else, so I'm guessing some sort of monitored access must be granted to the off-site associates for the server in Ohio in some way.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
i would suggest to allow secure access to the documets with citrix (Terminalservices).
You can publish the client needed for accesss and give RO rights within the document management system.
Possible with SSL Gateway and 2 Factor authentication.

Also possible a solution that displays the documents at the webpage after logon...
In addition to Citrix (GoToMYPC), you should be able to use VPN and Remote Terminal services application built into Windows.  There are other third-party options.

You might be able to use a secure version of a document reader, like the scribd model.
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