Suddenly can't connect to mapped drives on XP Pro workstation

I have an office network of Win 7 Pro and Win XP Pro clients on a Win Server 2003 server with folders mapped to each client as shared drives (P: = \\servername\Projects which is c:\Projects on the server hard drive).

This worked fine for everyone and for the client in question until this morning. For some reason this on XP Pro client cannot see mapped drives by servername now. It can ping other IP addresses and names just fine, including servername. And it can still map the shared folders by IP address (P: = \\\Projects works fine and ping servername returns responses from, as it should).

As far as we know nothing has changed on the client or server side. We've rebooted both client and server and so far the condition is still limited to this one workstation.

Any advice? Autodesk Revit requires the original path name for some shared files and we really can't simply switch to mapping those drives differently.

Thanks very much,

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CompProbSolvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would look carefully at the firewall on the XP computer with the problem.  I've had situations where access is blocked and disabling the firewall doesn't resolve it.  Uninstalling it has resolved it for me and re-installing brought the firewall back without the problem.

May not be your situation.... but worth a look.
core10Author Commented:
Turning off the Firewall allowed us to map the drive properly. And we can still map drives properly now that it is turned back on.

I don't know what changed but it seems fixed now. Thanks very much for the suggestion.

I'm curious as to which firewall you are using. I've seen this behavior several times with Symantec before, but possibly with others, too.
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