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add controls at runtime

I am trying to add 3 controls in a form per record; at run time I read the table information and add the controls but only the last 3 controls are showing up in my form at the end. I am not sure what is the problem. Could somebody please help me please?
Here is my code:

 Dim lblCtrl As Label
 Dim txtbx1Ctrl As TextBox
 Dim txtbx2Ctrl As TextBox

Private Sub frmUtil_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Dim oraAircraftCmd As New OracleClient.OracleCommand
            oraAircraftCmd.Connection = oraConn
            oraAircraftCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
            oraAircraftCmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM MASTER ORDER BY AC"
            Dim oraACReader As OracleClient.OracleDataReader = oraAircraftCmd.ExecuteReader
            If oraACReader.HasRows = True Then
                While oraACReader.Read

                    lblName = "lblAC" & oraACReader("AC").ToString
                    txtbx1Name = "txtbxHrs" & oraACReader("AC").ToString
                    txtbx2Name = "txtbxCyc" & oraACReader("AC").ToString

                    With Me.lblCtrl
                        .Name = lblName
                        .Location = New System.Drawing.Point(CtrlXlbl, CtrlYLoc)
                        .Text = oraACReader("AC").ToString
                    End With
                    lblCtrl = New Label
                    lblCtrl.Visible = True
                    'AddHandler lvlCtrl.Click, AddressOf lvlCtrl

                    With Me.txtbx1Ctrl
                        .Name = "txtbxHrs" & oraACReader("AC").ToString
                        .Location = New System.Drawing.Point(CtrlX1HrsLoc, CtrlYLoc)
                        .Size = New System.Drawing.Size(70, 22)
                    End With
                    txtbx1Ctrl = New TextBox
                    txtbx1Ctrl.Visible = True
                    With Me.txtbx2Ctrl
                        .Name = "txtbxCyc" & oraACReader("AC").ToString
                        .Location = New System.Drawing.Point(CtrlX2HrsLoc, CtrlYLoc)
                        .Size = New System.Drawing.Size(70, 22)
                    End With
                    txtbx2Ctrl = New TextBox
                    txtbx2Ctrl.Visible = True
                    CtrlYLoc = CtrlYLoc + 30

                End While
end sub
1 Solution
i don't see where you assign initial values to CtrlXlbl and CtrlYLoc. So it is possible that controls are added one on top of another
Move this line

             lblCtrl = New Label

to before

             With Me.lblCtrl

Similar for other two controls.
mwells08Author Commented:
Thank you both for your replies. Moving the line  lblCtrl = New Label before  With Me.lblCtrl

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