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Hi All,

In Sheet1 Column E - I have a list of names
In Sheet2 Column A - I have a list of names
Also in Sheet2 Column B - I have their Logon IDs

How Can I get Excel in Sheet1 Column F to look at the name in E > Find it in Sheet2 Column A > Then show their Logon ID from Column B

Many Thanks in Advance,

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tdlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the list in column A is not sorted, you will have to change the formula to:
Ken ButtersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In cell F1 of sheet1 use this formula...


Then fill down for other rows on sheet1

Note: I randomly said B5000 on sheet2.... that would assume that you have no more than 5000 rows.  Increase/decrease as appropriate for your data.
PeterHingAuthor Commented:
Hi buttersk,

Thanks for your reply. I ran what you suggested but it appears to be picking the wrong IDs from Sheet2 column B. I can't even see how it's getting the result - it's very random.

To confirm,

If "Andy User" is in Sheet1 / Col E / Cell 45
Lookup "Andy User" in Sheet2 / Col A (no more than 2000 rows)
Get his ID from Col B (So if found in A500, his ID is in B500)
Write to Sheet 1 / Col F / Cell 45
Ken ButtersCommented:
Yes... that is right the formula should work as you are describing.

... I should have added the false parameter as per tdlewis.

that should fix it for you.
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