installing portable AV programs on a single pen drive

Portable Anti-malware programs are designed to be bootable from whatever media you install them on (CDs, pen drives), right?
     Is it possible to install more than one on a single pen drive? I’m thinking probably not because there would have to be some mechanism for you, the user, to choose which one to run or boot from.
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
I create a thumb drive using SARDU which gives you everything including the kitchen sink.  It easily creates a bootable thumbdrive with a menu to give you a choice of what image you want to boot from.  Check out my article here:

NOTE: This was originally written for SARDU version 1.x, version 2.x is even nicer, although the resulting interface menu looks about the same.
john8217Author Commented:
Thank you for the info. This looks like a great utility. I have some questions about getting these onto a pen drive, though.
1) Can you please tell me what is the precise order of steps I need to take. For example, this is how I did it. I selected 5 utilities, then I went to the Downloader tab and clicked “Start.” Then I clicked the “Make USB” button.
     -Could I have skipped clicking “Start” and just clicked “Make USB.”
     -If I want to put more utilities on the same thumb drive, do I do all those same steps again - or is clicking “Make USB” supposed to be a one-time thing per each thumb drive?
2) I selected a utility (Admin Edit) and instead of sending it to the Downloader tab, it said “name of iso=*Admin Edit*.iso.” What do I do now?
3) There are some portable utilites not listed on any of the tabs (Antivirus tab, Utility tab, Linux tab, etc.) that I want to put on the thumb drive, how would I put them on?
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Glad to help.

1a.  you do need to download the ISOs first that is what clicking Start in the download tab does.
1b.  once you have download the ISOs you don't need to again you only need to check or uncheck the boxes you want.

2.  first you aren't allowed under the EULA here to mention warez (the CD that rhymes with sirens), second anything that says that means that it won't download the ISO directly for some reason (usually it is copyrighted), so it just tells you what you need to rename the ISO to in order for SARDU to recognize it.

3.  Read more on the extra section (extr folder).  It takes some configuring, but it is worth it.
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john8217Author Commented:
Sorry about asking this again but…
1) when I download any additional utilities, what exactly do I do next to get it on the thumb drive. You mentioned that I only need to check or uncheck the boxes that I want. The only box I see to check or uncheck is in the tab which first listed the utility. It’s already checked. If I uncheck it, it disables it (I don’t think I want that).
2) when I try to download certain utilities I get that message saying “name of iso=*NameOfUtility*.iso (hey, am I learning or what) you said I need to rename the iso. But don’t I need to download it first in order to rename it? So does that mean I need to use something other than Sardu to download it?
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
If you get that message, you need to put the ISO into SARDU's ISO directory.  If you don't have the ISO, you need to download it, if you do have it, you need to rename it and put it in the ISO directory (the one that has a file that is named "put ISOs here"  or something like that.

Yes you will need something other than SARDU to download an ISO identified that way.  Use any browser, if the ISO is hosted somewhere, otherwise use an app like Deepburner/Deepripper (not sure which) or Infrarecorder to create an ISO from either data files or a CD/DVD you already have.
john8217Author Commented:
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