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I installed a Crucial M4 SSD (newest firmware) on my Win 7 Laptop a few months ago, and it would seem that the indexing service in addition to this change made my system a little less stable, with a combination of inserting a USB during startup.  The combination started blue screens and I traced the cause back to the indexing service which many recommend that it be turned off on SSD's.  
Since there seems to be a debate about whether leave it on or not, the debate was won for me with having to do a full reinstall to recover.  I don't have options to move the index to an HDD as this is a laptop with room for only one drive.
What are others using as a search tool (rather not install Google Desktop) as an alternative to getting around the indexing yet still search completely through the drive and files.? I don't mind if it is a bit slower than full indexing.
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From my perspective, the best Windows search alternative is Everything.  It is exceedingly fast and thorough, but keep in mind that it won't search within files.
i found xsearch nice :
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