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I am looking for a digital note taking device which I can use my own paper and pen to take note and the device can transmit the final product to iPhone. It's similar to the product below

But I want a better brand and option. I tried to search on the web, but they all use their monitor to take notes (like iPad) or have to use their specific pen which I don't want.
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Right now the only way to get notes into a iphone using normal paper and pen is to take a picture of them.  There are apps specifically for this task and the 4S does do a decent job of it.

I bought a digimemo unit several months back.  It's not bad.  Does a good job of capturing notes accurately.  Probably the biggest issue I have is that it only captures one line weight and color.  The pad is a bit heavy as well and not as solid as I would like.

The pen was a decent pen to use and takes standard ink cartridges and the pad works fine with a pretty good sized stack of paper on it.

I don't think the bluetooth unit is iPhone compatible though I did not get one and only ever use the digimemo with a computer.  You might have to go pad -> pc -> iphone with it.

The only other thing close which works with standard paper is the Wacom Inkling,

Similar but instead of a pad it uses a sensor placed at the top of the paper/pad you are writing on.  It is more of a sketch tool though and apparently does not do a good job with handwriting.

I was pretty disappointed when I read the reviews.  I do technical sketches that have lots of notes on them - and the notes need to be accurate.  I'm hoping Wacom does a 2nd generation version that work better for writing.  I don't think you can go directly to a iphone with this either.

Most of the other options are all based on a dotted or gridded paper that the special pen can use to track its position.  One company seems to have licensed the tech to five or six other brands.  

Livescribe's Echo seems to be the favored unit,

Livescribe's utility software was supposed to be able to print out the dotted paper but a reviewer could not get it to work and neither could I.  I just can't see having to buy special paper.  The pen also is not a style that I like to write with.

Right now it seems the technology is just not here yet.  I'd love it if the Inkling worked on a pad like the digimemo.  That would have the needed accuracy for writing as well as drawing.
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