Amavis not loading some modules

Hi Guys,

I`m trying look for info how to enable this 5 modules:

OS_Fingerprint code NOT loaded
DKIM code NOT loaded
Tools code NOT loaded
ANTI-SPAM-C code NOT loaded
BSMTP-out proto code NOT loaded

Checking the log i saw those modules arent loading, after 72 hours reseaching on google i dindt get any suitable possible solution to my setup
I`m on debian 6 using ISPConfig, but till now got no luck  on my researchs, i will give 100 points for every usefull link who help me enable this.
Thanks in advice
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nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Most probably because the perl modules that implement them are not available.
or the base configuration is not complete yet...
for DKIM -->

for OS_fingerprinting you need p0f:
anti-spam-c is the use of the spamc program of spamassassin if spamassassin is on a remote system.

BSMTP-out is a module that tries to deliver mail directly and if it fails it writes the mail to a file. If the mail does get deliverd all pending mails from the file are sent too.
[ For the use by dialup users that want an SMTP feed in stead of POP/IMAP ]

All modules are optional and not required to work.
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