Cisco 1900 Series Router config

Guys I have an old Cisco router that I'm replacing with a Cisco 1921.  I need some help converting the existing running-config to work with this new router.

I also need to enable QoS on this new router to protect voice traffic.  I'd say 30% of the line should work well enough.

Thanks in advance.
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Garry GlendownConnect With a Mentor Consulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
For starters, apart from the interface names which of course will have to be changed, I don't see too much you'd have to alter in order to be able to use it as a drop-in replacement (you have a WIC1T card for the 1900, I assume)
TripapHoniCAuthor Commented:
Hi Garry-G.  I appreciate the response back.  I figured the configuration would be somewhat simple but I have no idea.  I attached the screenshot from the back of the unit as well as the show ver from the 1921.  

Thanks for your help.

I also need a QoS service turned on so I wasn't sure how to go about that as well.
Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
OK, so you do have a T1 HWIC in there (which isn't a WIC1T ;) ), depending on the old router you maybe can/have to drop a second piece of hardware you had in between (show ver/show inv of the old device would help) and/or may need a different cable. Plus some additional lines of config, as a plain T1 interface may need additional low-level information about the actual line ... nothing very complicated, but requires more info about the low-level line ... I'm assuming it is a 1.5M T1? Do you have any info on the encoding or other parameters from the provider?
Also, have you informed your provider you were upgrading routers? They can usually provide you with a template for "usual" devices, which would reduce the T1-configuration to just a copy&paste and take out some guesswork ... (also, if you have a device on site set up by them, it's not ensured that putting in the new router will even work without them updating/changing something on their end ... unusual, but possible)
TripapHoniCAuthor Commented:
Thanks Garry-G

I should provide a bit of history.  This replacement is part of a 7 site wheel & spoke topology.  All of the other sites are on identical routers and unmanaged switches.  This is the second to last upgrade in the project.  Regardless, the pipe is a straight 1.5T1, nothing special.  I have attached a copy of the running-config from one of the other 1841 routers which is already in place.  I'm getting stuck at some of the extra features that I'm not familiar with.  Probably not an issue but that's why I posted here.

The running-config config doesn't appear to have any QoS to protect the voice traffic.  This site inparticularly is having some serious voice issues on their IP phones.  We're dropping QoS on the routers and switches to see if that corrects the issue.  Some people have suggested VLANs but I think QoS is sufficient if we get it working correctly.

I appreciate your expertise Garry.  People like you are why people like me use this resource and are more successful because of it.
Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
The point is, the 1841 most likely has a WIC-1T card in it, which is a "plain" serial card, in essence something like the legacy serial ports on a PC (albeit with a few more pins and a few more possibilities), and has a 30something plug on it. In order to hook it up to a T1 line, you needed some sort of line converter which altered the signals and protocol from T1 G.703 to the serial interface of the router. You now have a DSU card, which connects directly to the T1 and does the work of the converter. This means that apart from the "logical" serial port, it also has a "controller" configuration part which will configure the physical T1 settings ... as the converter took care of that on the 1841's WIC-1T, there is no information on that in the config ...
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