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Hello expert,

I have lync2010 setup with all the features except enterprise voice. I would like to know how to integrate and configure Enterprise voice in my Lync system so that my users can Call from Lync Client to US numbers & mobile phones. Currently my servers located in India and I want enterprise voice enable for US location. any help & guidelines will be greatly appreciated.
Manoj BojewarAsked:
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Mohammed HamadaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
Please check the link here
Enabling Mediation role on your front end server depends on many factors and one of them is how many PSTN calls will be occurring in your environment ? I would advise that you better use Lync Planning tool to best see if you need a separate mediation server or collocated. also check this link for better detailed description.

3- Lync front end handles up to 5,000 users: check this link

4- You don't really need to unless you need your EV users to make PSTN calls, whenever you're ready to make PSTN calls then you can proceed with configuring one gateway.

5- I'm not sure about what's your point here! are you intending to contact VoIP gateway provider to provide you with PSTN ? or VoIP appliance ?

6- If I understand you correctly, you're referring to asterisk PBX ? This is a separate technology and depending on your needs you can either choose to integrate it with Lync or not. for Integration you can follow this link

7- For Lync Deployment you can use this link, it's very useful and detailed with snapshots.

and if you already have Lync and want to only do the EV part, then it's pretty easy just deploy the mediation server/service and then enable the users and you need to assign DID number for each user which you can get from your ITSP provider, the DID will be placed in the tel URI field in user properties in Lync.

Then you will need to configure your gateway with Lync and add gateway's IP to your Lync Topology then publish it.

I'm not sure if contacting Experts in EE is not against the policy here however if it's not so I'd be happy to provide you my e-mail address.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hi Manoj,

For enterprise voice integration you will need a VoIP gateway connected/configured in your Lync topology in order to make PSTN calls through Lync.

After you do this you will goto the control panel and enable each user or the users you would like to have EV by double clicking the user's name and from "Telephony" tab choose Enterprise voice.

You will also need to create dial plans to the US, also create voice policy and routes. for example in my location I have several dial plans to call several destinations.

D1, PBX Ext
D2, Local
D3, International.

The dial plans are set in order from shorter numbers to longer. the normalization rules would like like this.

D1= Pattern match : ^(\d{4})$ with translation rule +$1
D2= Pattern match : ^(\d{7})$ with translation rule "+90216$1" where 90 is the country code and 216 is the area code.
D3= Pattern Match : ^(\d{11})$  Where 11 is the length of the GSM number including operator code but excluding country code. with translation rule +9$1.
Digits to add +Countrycode
D4= 00 digits to add, length = at least 2, digits to remove: 0 and digits to add +
Pattern to match = ^(00\d*)$

You will need to create a Voice policy, call it whatever you like, then create PSTN usages, then create new associated routes. with pattern to match .* unless you have different pattern. but this is default one.

Whenever you create something don't forget to commit changes after that so you don't lose your configuration.

Next goto Route tab and create a new route and call it whatever you like, scroll to Associated gateways, and add the gateway you have configured and published in your Topology.

Then add associated PSTN usages. click ok and commit changes.

This is just summary of what you really need to know, but you will need to setup your own dial plans, routes, voice policy according to your own needs.

I hope this helps.
Manoj BojewarAuthor Commented:
Hello Expert,

this is really very good information & summary to implement Enterprise Voice. Currently, i have lync FE, Lync Edge  & Lync DB, Lync archive role installed on individual physical servers. while installing Lync FE, i didnt check colocatioion of media server with Front servers.. however, i can enable this by publishing Lync Topology again.

i have below queries.

1) installing mediation server on seperate server will have any befefits?
 2) does it good option to enable mediation role on front end server?
3) does we need more server if i have 1000+ users using enterprise voice?
4)while enbling enterprise voice doed we need to assign VOIP gateway intially?
5)does we need to contact VOIP gateway provider to enable this server for enviroment
6)i see lot of people using Astrix box to intergrate lync for Enterprise voice does this really need
7)Please share more information on installation and implementation that will help me start this implemation.

it would be great if you share your email id or chat id to discuss with your for this implementation.
Manoj BojewarAuthor Commented:
i really appreciate for all your efforts here and given clarification on my concerns. i will check this & start enabling enterprise voice for my Lync & let you know if i have any challenges to setup it.
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