Add a VMware XP client on MAC air to WSUS

I have installed Window XP on a MAC Air and configure the WSUS on this virtual machine as usual. However, the machine name doesn't appear in WSUS server.

Do anyone has this problem before ?

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I'm running Windows 7 (used to run XP) virtual on top of my Mac. I've never had an issue getting WSUS to work.

I'd check firewall settings to make sure they are configured the same as a "regular" Windows XP machine in your environment. I'd also check to see if the network settings on the VM are set to bridged instead of NAT. With the network settings at NAT, your VM probably has an IP that has nothing to do with your local LAN. While you should still be able to do most things, NAT may keep WSUS from working depending on how WSUS is configured. Plus having it set to bridged gives the VM an IP that lives on the local LAN and you are less likely to run into these kinds of issues in the future.
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