Sending mail in Delphi

We are using an in-house system based around Delphi to send email via SMTP. Everything appears to be fine but we are getting numerous reports of emails not getting through. I have checked on line to see if we are blacklisted but we don't appear to be listed.

My question(s) are:

Are there any steps I can take to verify email is getting through.

Is there such a service where we can hire an SMTP server as we are currently ISP bound. We have tried using our hosting provider but we need the ability to send email from multiple accounts using the same SMTP login.
Any help greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance,
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I'm using Indy components to send mail.

    FMSG: TidMessage;

and there is possibilities to assign From.Address

    FSMTP.AuthenticationType := atLogin;
    FSMTP.Host := FSmtpServer;
    FSMTP.UserId := FUserName;
    FSMTP.Password := FUserPassword;
    FMSG.From.Address := SenderEmail;

I'm using free mail server with smtp support. To verify email was sent, I just login to web interface and look at error messages.

PS: Be carefull, not all mail servers allow to set From.Address differ then real email account.
I believe you are using delphi as a mail server to send out emails.
If thats what you are doing you will be blocked from many isp's because they do not accept email from an ip address that the reverse dns comes up as a customer.
look here for more info
if you are looking to pay for smtp sending use those guys
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