Pulling data cables through ceiling tiles?

I have a cable dropper at work which has a hole drilled through on one of the ceiling panels.

Due to a recent change in furniture layout the ceiling panel are now required to be moved to the next grid.

The furniture guy has offered to move the ceiling tile if I can “pull the Data cables through”.
What does he mean by that statement?

Thanks in advance.
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Possibly you don't need to pull the cables back through the tile, but only up over the frame to the next grid... and the tile could be moved by just sliding it along the cables.

But the cables would need to be unhooked from where they're connected now, then reconnected to the same places after the move over the frame to the next grid.

Make sure they're all marked (usually they would have ID tags/labels not far from the ends) so they all go back in the same places.

Then again, what types of devices are the cables hooked to?  You might not want to unhook the cables if you're not sure what you're doing... it may be better to call the IT guys to do it.
I think he means that he wants you to remove the cables so he can move the tiles without them dangling from them. Once the tiles have been moved you can re-insert the cables. The problem could be that connectors at the ends of the cables might be too large to fit through the holes in the tiles....
autotrixAuthor Commented:
Thanks rindi and Darr247!
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