move profiles in xp

Hello Experts.

I have a case that a xp computer in a windows 2003 domain is going to be taken home.
So i have to change the profile from domain to local.

Is there a better way than the UserStateMigrationTool or the copy profile in the advanced settings?

I want to keep the profile, and attach a local user to it.
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Lionel MMConnect With a Mentor Small Business IT ConsultantCommented:
This is what I do let say the username is Bob. Reboot the PC in question and then logon as a domain user that had admin right, other than Bob. Go to C:\Documents and Settings and make a copy of Bob's domain profile right there (do not move or delete it but copy). I right click on Bob's folder, choose copy and then right thee in C:\Documents and Settings, right click again and choose paste--it will create a folder called "Copy of Bob". Now logon as the local user you will use lets say Bob1. Once it has loaded the new local user again reboot your PC. Again logon as the domain user with admin rights other than Bob. Now go to the Documents and Settings folder--there you should see several users, the domain users and the local user. Rename Bob1 (the local user) and the rename "Copy of Bob" to Bob1. Right click on newly renamed Bob1 folder, choose sharing and security and under security add full control for the local user to the folder and sub folders. Now logon as local user, Bob1 and the old settings and preferences will be there. Sounds like a lot of work but it works every time--rebooting is critical--trying to shortcut and not reboot will cause a failure.
max_the_kingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've been happily using PROFWIZ so far, which is easy and efficient: here is the link, it is free

hope this helps
bastouwAuthor Commented:
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