Exchange 2010 attachment from Visma


Have a problem:
All employees receive an email with their "salary" every month.
We use outlook, outlook web access, and sync to android and Ipad/Iphone.
Everything works ok except on Ipad/iphone where the attachment is unreadable.

Our server is Exchange 2010, and we have Forefront too.

What we have tried:
Sending from Visma to another company, which have Exchange 2007  - OK
Sending from Visma to another company, which have Exchange 2010 but not Forefront  - Fail

Our "salary" application is Visma Unique, and their support team confirms that the emails are sendt in html format. So it should not be an RTF issue.

If I read this mail on my OWA and foreward it to my own e-mail. Sync it to Ipad, it works OK, but the original mail is not OK on ipad. Why?????

Sync to android is OK.

Hope U can help me.
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Exchange Server 2010 users cannot open certain attachments when they access their mailboxes by using Outlook Web App.
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