I am planing to introduce in our office to have VOIP SYSTEM that each staff have VOIP Cellphone  and support both ongoing and incoming calls  so what are equipment's that I need to use to setup this VOIP system? please tell me those their price are  low

We have good internet Bandwidth that is 1024/1204 KBPS
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The asterisk configuration is not very easy but the links to various software all have their own web based configuration tool to make it much easier. I would try a few of them and pick whatever you find easiest to use and has the extra features you want.
fahad44Author Commented:
Hi Guys,
any Reply yet!
grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need a server which could be anything from a dedicated rackmounted server down to a regular desktop computer. It doesnt need to be a high specification.

You will need wireless access points for the phones to be able to connect to.

Then you will need compatible phones. The cheapest option would probably be to get an Android based phone and run a client such as sipdroid.

1Mbps of internet bandwidth will be good for 10 simultaneous calls worst case assuming the internet connection is not being used for anything else. Normally I recommend that a dedicated internet connection is obtained just for voip.
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fahad44Author Commented:
Thanks for your comment.

May you please list the required equipment's eg (hardware,software) that I need and their price ? also I am asking if the users are not in the office how will they able to use their cellphone?

our Internet is dedicated internet and the users that I need is 5-7 users cellphones

please let the equipment be in expensive
grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The software is generally free although you can pay for support.
Here are a few examples. They are all basically Asterisk but with their own front end and web interface.

Hardware required is just a regular desktop computer. Just get a regular mid range machine from your normal computer supplier.

If the user is not in the office and they are not connected to any other wireless network then the phone system will not be able to dial them via voip, In that scenario you can either choose to have the phone system dial their regular mobile number or have the caller redirected to a voicemail. Any voicemail left will be emailed and the user can download and play the message left for them when they check their email.
fahad44Author Commented:
SO what i need is -:

-Desktop computer
-asterisk software
-android cellphone

can the VoIP cellphone dial and call regular GSM cellphones internationally and locally
grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes thats correct. You would also need wireless access points aswell if you dont already have a wireless network.

Yes the nice thing about an Android cellphone is that the SIP client can integrate with the regular dialer. So when people are in the office and dial a number it goes via voip but if they are out of the office the phone tries via voip but finds it is not connected so automatically calls via the normal mobile phone network.
fahad44Author Commented:
That is great and will link up you when I am setting this VoIP system.

Does the asterik configuration is hard or I can do with my self, we have WLAN APs now in our office.
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