Going from Mac Outllook 2011 back to Windows Outlook 2010...how?

Having been without my Windows 7 desktop for a month, I've survived on my 2007 MacBook Pro and MS Office 2011.

I was excited when MS Outlook 2011 could convert my Outlook 2010 pst file and keep me in business.  Now I want to go back.

I've purchased a utility called Emailchemy that I've used to convert all those olk14_message email files into one OLM file.  Now I learn I need something else on the Windows side to convert that OLM file into a PST file that I can import into Windows.

Can anyone recommend a tool that will do that conversion?
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coachjim--I got this info by Googling, since I have never done what you want.  The options are not cheap, except this first one.  I cannot vouch for any of them.  Read all before buying.




Now read this
It tells you how to transfer Mac Outlook Contacts free.  As far as the messages are concerned I would think you could send them from Mac Outlook to the Windows Outlook address as a way of transferring them free, though lengthy.
coachjimAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your great research and help.
coachjim--Glad to have been of help.
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