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What is a free & easy to use proxy server for UDP/TCP traffic passing in Windows 7 x64?

Hi experts,
I need a small, free, easy to use proxy server capable of passing udp and/or tcp traffic
from an internal router in our network.  We need to be able to simulate a problem we're seeing on a customers system where the RTP audio stream sometimes kicks out.

Any suggestions?
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Dave HoweCommented:
udp proxy is harder than tcp, of course - commonly you use either NAT (available in, well, almost anything, from XP upwards) or SOCKS (which supports opening arbitary UDP ports on the outside interface of the proxy server.

IF you give me some more detail of what topology you are trying to achieve, we might be able to come up with something better; otherwise, the easy answer is a SOCKS proxy such as the analogx one:

Dave HoweCommented:
also, it might be worth thinking about encapsulation - you can do that with arbitary data using OpenVPN (for example) or pptp vpns client/client on windows7
sharizodAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments!  The topology for the test was to test this issue on our internal LAN with another router we had kicking around.  Unfortunately, this router just wouldn't pass the RTP stream although it did pass other UDP traffic and I did not see any services being denied explicitly in said router.

The next test was to simply try the test on the internal LAN with the client in one development environment trying to connect to my dev machine which has a proxy server running on it.  I would then forward the packets (on a set of specific udp port(s)) to the server PC in question.  I downloaded one that seemed like it would do the job but it just wouldn't give the desired result (it was called TunnelEx).  We were trying to detect in our program when the UDP stream became blocked/shutdown so that we could then restart the stream programmatically for some level of fault tolerance.

What we ended up using (which worked for the purposes of our test) was the good old built-in windows 7 firewall.  We enabled it on the server and set up rules for the ports we were interested in.  It seemed to allow us to simulate the issue and we confirmed that my bosses fault tolerance code worked.  Even though the ports were "blocked" at one point, there was still traffic going out although at half the amount of normal (strange?).  Anyway, we got the desired result.

Thanks for the link!  I did see the analogx one but didn't end up using that one in my search for a decent proxy!
Dave HoweCommented:
ports that are "blocked" in the Win7 firewall don't block existing connections (just new ones) - so you tend to see residual traffic. restarting the app can fix that though, as can simply misrouting the destination IP using "route add" so that replies never make it to the destination.

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