Load balancing databases in exchange 2010 DAG

I have below setup

Exchange 2010 HUB/CAS server - 2 nos

Exchange 2010 mailbox servers - 2 Nos

DAG enabled

Databases 4 Numbers and having copy in both mailbox servers.

I want to automatically distribute 2 mailboxes each to both mailbox servers.

How I can do this.

When i restart any one mailbox server, all 4 databases mount in another server, but it wont come back to the restarted server when it is up.

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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
If you restart the server that time in DAG failover happen so that mailbox database move to another server. If you want to distribute 2 mailboxes each to both mailbox servers then you have do manualy.

Please refer below article for dia


You can block  server from activating it’s databases.  This will prevent other servers from failing over to it.

Set-MailboxServer DKPBOSDAGNODE1 –DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy:blocked

Please refer below link for more details.


Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The behaviour you are seeing from the DAG is correct.
Databases do not belong to a server, they are an org setting. Therefore unless the server that is hosting the databases goes down, the databases will not move back.
if you want the databases to move when the server returns to service, then you will have to do that manually.

With regards to mailbox distribution, Exchange does that itself during the mailbox creation if you do not specify a database during creation. However once created, nothing automatic will balance the mailboxes across the database. That is a manual procedure.

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