measuring packet loss/corruption due to effects on the cable

I'd like to setup a simple connection between 2 PCs with a LAN cable (cat5e,cat 6, cat6a) and measure packet loss/corruption due to effects on the cable.  We'd have 328 feet of cable between the 2 PCs and we would subject the cable to a array of extreme environmental conditions:

extreme temperatures
high humidity
high frequency noise
and some others

We have all the equipment to simulate the environments.  What I need is a method to measure the effects in terms of packet loss/corruption.  I know there are a lot of high end tools and software with a lot of features.  At this time, we are stepping into this and want a tool where the data is easily digested and as we learn more, we can grow to more advanced tools.

Let me say, we've done these tests using Vector Network Analyzers (Agilent E5071C) and Fluke handhelds (DTX1800).  The tests we've done to-date are for the cable's performance against cable specifications.  This type of test is the cable isolated from a network.

I appreciate your help.


We are now trying to see the practical performance in terms of packet loss/corruption and the correlation to the cable's stand-alone performance.
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marine7275Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I like wireshark. Here is a link that has many other tools:

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