Click on "Save" button twice to save record

For some reason my Access interface requires me to click on Save button in the form twice to save a record. Is it an issue with Access?
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What code or macro do you have behind the command button, and which event is that code in (as a sanity check, make sure it is not in the double-click event of your button)?

If you are using a bound form, the following should work in the Click event of your command button:

Dale FyeCommented:

me.Refresh, to save a record?


I usually use:

me.Dirty = False

To save the current record.  Where is your Save button?  Do you have navigation buttons on the form?  In addition to seeing the code or macro that is being executed when you click the save button, it might help to actually see the form, in design view.  Can you take a screen shot and post that as well.
Refresh is another way to force-save edits made in a form to the underlying recordsource.

Also, if the form is unbound (ie: its recordsource property is blank), then we'd need a bit more info.  It would clarify this question a good deal if you could post a sample copy of the database with any sensitive data masked or removed.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Also note that Records in Access are saved automatically, so normally there is no need for an explicit "save" button"

Obviously, you may need to save the record via code for some other reason, but as mbizup requested, we may need to know a bit more about this system.
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