hide these specified drives in my computerwindows 7 gpo fail

Dear experts,

Through local and domain GPO object "hide these specified drives in my computer", I have tried to hide drives C, D or All drives.  the windows 7 takes the policy I can see it from rsop.msc, and under regedit the key change takes place, but doesn't hide drives.

It work on windows vista but it doesn't on 7.

What could be the reason how to hide drives?
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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
I'm not certain why you are experiencing this issue with the GPO.  Is it possible you have an alternate policy which is overriding the default 'hide these specified drives on my computer'?

I did see a blog post by another administrator who experienced something similar, and had a workaround.
uknet80Author Commented:
I don't have another policy that override the this one, WHY, because some of my windows 7 get policy and it work, but one new arrived windows 7 doesn't.  I even updated the laptop still C drive appears.

it is to do with the Windows as same user logs in to another laptop it work on that one but not other.

What is the solution.
Jackie ManCommented:
have you tried to disjoint and rejoint the new arrived windows 7 to the domain?

do you mean that the problem laptop will not hide the local drives regardless of different users logon to it?
uknet80Author Commented:
regardless of different users logon, still can't hide C drive.  on some of our windows 7.
uknet80Author Commented:
I will check those

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