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I am setting up a Database environment with SQL server 2008 with two nodes in the cluster. Due to hardware reasons, I would like to set up a cluster with 1 node initially and when the second server is available I want to add it to the cluster. There are concerns in my team that adding a second node later requires lot of re-configurations, might be many complications, bla bla bla. So, I have the following questions for the experts, please help me out here..Thanks for your answers.

1. Is it possible to set up a cluster with 1 node?
2. How easy it is to add a second node to the cluster?
3. Will there be any downtime or performance issues, complications in adding second node at a later stage?
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Scott PletcherConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
Agree with x-men.

On #3, naturally you must have compatible hardware that qualifies for clustering with node 1.  Other than that, you should have no issues.
x-menConnect With a Mentor IT super heroCommented:
1. yes
1. As easy as selecting "Add node to a SQL failover cluster installation" at the SQL Server Instalation Center.
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