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Proliant 350G5 What is max "Disk Busy Time %" acceptable, I have 40% on Drive C:


This SBS 2003 32 bit server is in heavy use and doen't work very well anymore.
Among other issues I'll noticed that from HP's System Management Home Page that Logical Disk C: "Disk Busy Time %" is 40%.

Is it acceptable at all?
Drive J (which is iSCSI NAS drive the  "Disk Busy Time %" is 8%.
All other drives the "Disk Busy Time %" is 0%.

On C: drive there is System + some applications.
I have pagefiles on drive  E ja F (Internal SATA Dries).
I have 3 iSCSI drives (2 NAS devices).


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2 Solutions
Disk throughput and I/Os per second is a limited resource.  It is 40% busy because your apps are using 40% of the capability.

That means you have 60% left, or 60% of the time the disk is doing nothing.  No problem.

Now PEAK activity, or queue depth > 2 is something more interesting.   what do they say
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
I would agree that queue depth is best at 2 but since it has a RAID controller I'd qualify that as 2 per disk so optimal queue length with 4 disks in the array would be <8. PAge file's normally the problem with SBS2003 and not much you can do about that with max 4GB RAM less some for PCI devices such as video.
RimFire007Author Commented:

How to check PEAK activity, or queue depth?

Rgs, Juha
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perfmon (performance monitor).
RimFire007Author Commented:


I'll check it during next week.
RimFire007Author Commented:
Since the server went in very bad condition we actually replaced it (chanaged the whole server and migrated from SBS 2003 32bit to SBS 2011 64 bit).

Thank you for guiding me with disk performace issues.

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