Windows Server 2008 R2 Performance Monitoring

I'm new to performance monitor, and see there are tons of options pertaining to counters.  I would like to get a baseline over 3 days or so for a file server/domain controller combo, as well as a sql server.  which counters do I select for each?  disks are local.  I'm looking at seeing disk IO, memory utilization, disk capacity, free / used, cpu, and network utilization.  

I see a System Performance counter already exists and resembles to what I need, but seems that options to run are greyed out.  Also, does the performance monitor window need to remain open the entire time for this to run, or is this a background service once executed will run until stopped?

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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Please refer below link you will get complete Performance Monitoring


To configure perfromance contuer please refer below links



If you want to third party then you can use server moniter from manageengine.

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